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Caption: Reinvent your party hairstyles with braids!
Caption: Reinvent your party hairstyles with braids!

Why not go for braids this 2017 festive season?

Feminine and elegant, braids are all the rage, even this winter. A real godsend for enhancing all of your party hairstyles, braids will make you shine this New Year's Eve!

Why go for braids this New Year's Eve?

As the stars of the runway, braids are one of the key up-dos featured on the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 catwalks. This style is not the easiest to wear day-to-day, although it gives you a glamorous Amazonian look. End of year parties, however, are the perfect occasion to go for a hairstyle which is more daring than usual. So why not invite braids to your evening do to make you the ultimate party queen? They can be styled in a thousand and one different ways to suit every look. Whether basic, inverted or fishtail, you cannot beat braids for putting a twist on your hairstyles and transforming your up-do from a daytime to a party look!

How should you wear them?

For a sophisticated look, make braids the centrepiece of your hairstyle. A top tip? Go for a maxi braid to decorate a bare back, a braided crown or an elaborate chignon with mini braids.

For street style, opt for a few braids here and there. Why not go in for sleek braids, a mainstay of the catwalk, which is perfect for enhancing a ponytail? Another possibility: a half-up half-down look, either rock chick or Bohemian, personalised with a few highly on-trend tight braids!


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