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Find out why you should stop constantly playing with your hair
Find out why you should stop constantly playing with your hair

Why constantly playing with your hair a bad habit

Whether an attempt to tame your unruly locks or a tic caused by stress (or extended soul-searching), you fiddle with your hair dozens of times a day... Although this small compulsion may seem harmless, it can have detrimental effects on your hair. Here's why.

Because it damages your locks...

Every time you fiddle with your hair, your locks rub against one another and get twisted and tangled. This repetitive yet minor damage can have repercussions on the hair fibre. Its natural protection becomes fissured and thus less effective. As a result, your hair is more damage-prone. If your hair is already fine, damaged, coloured or bleached, it becomes even more fragile and can even end up breaking. This is especially the case if you always play with the same section of hair...

...and it can make your hair greasy or greasier

When you get into the habit of winding a lock of hair around one finger, or habitually run your hands through your hair, you make your hair move about a great deal. These overly frequent movements excessively stimulate the sebaceous glands, which in turn, produce more sebum. The result: your roots are quick to go greasy, your locks "get dirty" much more quickly or your already greasy hair get even more greasy.

It can sometimes speed up hair loss

Due to your frantically touching your locks, your hair can sometimes get weakened, even at the roots. Without wanting to be alarmist, in very rare cases your hair can end up falling out. This can also happen when excessively brushing your hair, causing even healthy hairs to fall out.


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