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Find out which shade of blond would go well with your complexion
Find out which shade of blond would go well with your complexion
Find out which shade of blond would go well with your complexion
Hair colouring

Which shade of blond should those with pale skin opt for?


Do you have a porcelain complexion? Some shades of blond are perfect for enhancing your skin tone.

Knowing which blond hair colour to choose to suit your pale complexion isn't easy. Only a professional will be able to determine the perfect shade for you, to light up your face. Below are three blond hair colours which suit pale complexions.

Ice blond

With its cool pearlescent highlights , ice blond, which is almost white, goes particularly well with equally pale skin tones.

The technique. Whether your hair's base colour is dark or already fair, bleaching your locks is a must for this shade. After evenly applying the colour, the professional colourist will finish off the process by applying a patina to neutralise unwanted highlights. As for upkeep, this colour requires regular touch-ups at the salon whatever your original hair colour. Once a week, an oil soak is the ideal treatment for nourishing the weakened hair fibre.

Ash blond

Brought into the spotlight by Cara Delevingne, this colour is a subtle mix of blonds which are verging on grey. This colour re-balances out complexions with pink undertones and enhances them.

The technique. On a dark base colour, the colourist will bleach your hair and apply tone-on-tone colouring to get different shades of ash blond. On blond hair, blond-grey highlights are enough to create this colour, allowing you to let more time go by between salon treatments.

Strawberry blond

Halfway between blond and red, the golden/caramel highlights in this colour revive pale complexions.

The technique. Whether your base colour is blond or brunette, you must get your hair bleached to get this colour. The professional colourist will then colour your hair a dark blond and will add in red highlights. To keep your colour looking good between touch-ups at the salon, opt or pigmented treatments such as colour enhancers, as copper shades are the least likely to hold long term.

Whichever blond shade you decide to go for, you should use a shampoo containing purple pigments to pre-empt any unwanted yellow highlights which may appear.

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