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On trend make-up to wear with a slicked back chignon.
On trend make-up to wear with a slicked back chignon.
On trend make-up to wear with a slicked back chignon.

Which on trend make-up should I wear with a sleek slicked-back chignon?


The sleek slicked-back chignon is THE perfect hairstyle for keeping your hair back and for showcasing your features. Flawless make-up is therefore essential when you wear this hairstyle! The on trend make-up this season? Nude tones and perfectly outlined lips, just like at the Zac Posen Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. Learn how to recreate this make-up step-by-step.

Step 1: perfectly unify your complexion

To work with ease, preferably use a flat brush, which you have cleaned beforehand with make-up remover. Then apply drops of your foundation: choose a tone-on-tone foundation so it blends into your skin. Always spread out the product from the centre towards the hairline to obtain an even result. Above all, do not forget to apply it to your neck and ears.

It is now time to conceal any dark circles! To do this, apply some concealer under your eyes. Opt for a tone-on-tone shade if you wish to unify this area. Alternatively, opt for a concealer which is lighter than your skin tone if you wish to add light to this section. Dab the product gently to ensure it properly sinks in. Finally, brighten up your complexion by applying a hint of pink or orange blusher to your cheeks.

Step 2: discreetly highlight your eyes

Illuminate your eyes with light-tone eye shadows. Metallic, pastel, iridescent... it's down to you to choose the effect according to your desired look! The only golden rule to follow: apply it lightly so it remains as discreet as possible. Finally, intensify your eyes with a mascara which meets your needs (lengthening, curling, volumising...) and you have finished your eye make-up!

Step 3: wear glamorous lipstick

Your mouth is the star of this make-up! It must attract everyone's attention and be drawn on to perfection. To achieve this, use a lip liner which is the same tone as your lipstick. Then go around the contour of your mouth with a clean precise line. Then fill in your lips with your favourite lipstick .

A small tip: to finish, fix your lipstick by applying loose powder using a brush for guaranteed flawless hold!

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