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Opt for discreet make-up to play the natural card.
Opt for discreet make-up to play the natural card.

Which make-up should I wear with a bohemian chignon?

The bohemian chignon is attractive due to its romantic edge. To match your hairstyle, opt for fresh make-up. Complexion, eyes and lips...take a closer look at this easy-to-create make-up combo.

A unified complexion

Start off your regime with a day cream. As well as hydrating the skin, it softens it and protects it from external damaging factors (such as pollution) and it facilitates make-up application.

Then put a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand (best for measuring out how much product you use) and apply it to your face using a flat brush, a damp sponge or your fingertips. The important thing? Always apply it starting in the centre of your face and moving out towards the hairline so it is evenly spread. Above all, do not forget your neck and ears.

Now's the time to cover up any small imperfections with a tone-on-tone concealer lighter than your skin tone (to illuminate your eyes). Apply your product under your eyes with a brush or your fingers. Brighten up your complexion with a hint of blusher in a shade suited to your skin tone (pinks for light skin tones, oranges for tanned complexions).

Highlighted eyes

To do this, there's nothing quite like black eye-liner. Draw a fine line level with your upper eyelids, going past your eyes by a few millimetres. Then intensify your eyes with lengthening, curving or volumising mascara (depending on the desired effect). The secret to perfect lashes? Use zig-zag movements when applying, perfect for separating your eye lashes and lengthening them as much as possible.

Nude or darker lipstick

Your lips are the stars of this make-up. As for the shade of lipstick to apply, you have carte blanche. Choose a pink lipstick for a nude Spring look. Alternatively, opt for intense red for a more sophisticated make-up look. You can also select a darker shade (plum, burgundy, wine red) for more of a gothic style. Preferably apply your lipstick directly using the stick or an angled brush for more precision.


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