True Facts: does your hair get damaged in summer?

Summer is synonymous with sun, beaches and lazing about… But is this season good for your hair? We have sorted the truth out from the lies.

Your hair is weaker in summer: FALSE

If your hair is in perfect health, continue to follow your hair regime using treatments targeted to the nature of your hair. Is your hair already dry or damaged? It will be even more sensitised by the rise in temperature. In this case, opt for hydrating treatments or those with regenerating virtues. The must-have product? Treatments from the Oil Therapy range, designed to deeply nourish the hair fibre.

The sun is naturally good for your hair: TRUE and FALSE

It adds Vitamin D which speeds up the production of keratin and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the blood can get your scalp more easily, your hair will grow more quickly and will be stronger.

But careful, you can have too much of a good thing. Over-exposure to UV rays risks drying out your hair and scalp, one of the biggest causes of dandruff. Furthermore, over-exposure to the sun can make the hair fibre porous. As a result, the cuticles will no longer properly retain any treatments you apply.

On sunny holidays, protecting your hair is essential: TRUE

With the sand, chlorine and sea salt… your hair is really put through the mill on your holidays. For this reason, you must highly protect your hair! It is the perfect occasion to get out your panama or your wide-brimmed sun hat.

For swimming fans, thoroughly rinse your hair in clean water before and after each swim. Similarly, apply a sun protection treatment to your hair as soon as you are exposed to the sun. Jean Louis David suggests you use theSun Therapy Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel, a treatment which filters out UV rays and deeply hydrates your hair. Not to mention it has an extremely addictive fragrance!

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