Three ways to wear a low chignon

Do you find the low chignon to be too conventional or mainstream? With some patience and dexterity, you can give this look a new twist with three hairstyles to impress!

Are your locks at least shoulder length? If so, these three tutorials are perfect for you and are suited to all hair types. Tip: if you have thin hair, feel free to use a foam donut to make it look thicker.

The sophisticated low chignon

To create this look, you will need straighteners, hairspray, a comb, a brush and wavy hairgrips.


The tutorial. Start by straightening your locks with straighteners and apply hairspray. This will make styling easier. Separate out two relatively thick strands at the front of the head, on either side of the forehead. These strands will be used to finish off the hairstyle. Backcomb your roots then gently brush your hair on top to curve the top of the hair. Then, wrap your hair around itself at the base of the nape of your neck to create a large roll. Hold it in place using wavy hairgrips (flat pins with zigzags). Cross the separated-out strands over on top of the roll (as shown in the photo) and hold them in place on the inside the hairstyle using more hairpins.

Who is this hairstyle for? Those who dream of making an appearance on the red carpet in Cannes!

The braided bun

To create this look, you will need flat hairpins, transparent elasticated hairbands and hairspray.


The tutorial. In dry loose hair, separate out a wide strand behind your right ear. Put the rest of your hair in a low chignon. Separate the strand into three sections and plait it. At each twist, let one of the strands from the braid fall down loose and replace it immediately with another strand from the loose section of hair. This is the technique used for the waterfall braid. Take the braid up via the nape of the neck and hold it in place where you first started braiding (behind the ear) with a flat hairpin, to form a crown. Gather the strands which you let drop down when braiding and wrap them around the top of the low chignon. Fix them with flat hairpins and apply hairspray.

Who is it for? Those with long locks.

The casual version

To create this look, you need five transparent elasticated hairbands, wavy hairgrips and hairspray.


The tutorial. Separate your hair into five uneven sections. Tie up each section into ponytails at the nape of the neck. Twist two strands together, then twist in a third strand, wrap around a fourth and a fifth and then form a coiled chignon with all of the strands together. Hold the whole style in place using wavy hairgrips. This creates a complex bun with a structured effect. Make sure that no hairbands are visible: you want it to look like this complicated hairstyle is holding by itself. Finish off the whole look with hairspray

Who is it for? Those who love sophisticated yet relaxed hairstyles.

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