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Discover dip dye, the vibrant new colouring trend
Discover dip dye, the vibrant new colouring trend

The vibrant colour dip dye

When dip dye meets brightly coloured hair, you get locks decorated in vibrant shades. We take a closer look at the dip dye technique.

Dip dye makes your hair look like it has been dipped in a bright colour. A look which will delight fans of multi-coloured locks. The only condition for optimum results: having long enough locks to avoid the unsightly 'noticeable roots' effect.

A dip dye full of colour

Dip dye is a two-tone technique with a clear distinction between the roots and tips. But rather than a tone-on-tone lightening treatment, your mid-lengths and tips are coloured in vibrant hues. Bright yellow, electric blue, hot pink, fluorescent green: these lively shades make for a manga version of the technique. But be careful, as the dip dye is easy to get wrong at home. For a perfect result, enlist a professional colourist. The most daring amongst us will opt for an extreme version, combining with two extravagant shades, one from the roots down to the mid-lengths and the other from the mid-lengths down to the tips. This is a decision which should not be taken lightly, as these drastic colours will require a lot of upkeep. If you do opt for these vibrant shades, be prepared to refresh your colour every two months.

Permanent or temporary

Blondes can easily go for these bright colours, as for them it requires no more than a colouring treatment. However, brunettes must first bleach their hair so that the colours take and do not fade. This technique will weaken your locks, and is unwise if you have fine or damaged hair. If this is the case, opt for temporary colouring which will gradually wash out. It's the perfect way to get an impactful look for an evening out.


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