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Find out which treatments to use when pregnant
Find out which treatments to use when pregnant
Find out which treatments to use when pregnant
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The right hair products to use during pregnancy


When pregnant, you can be more sensitive to and discerning about the formulations you apply to your hypersensitive skin and scalp. To gently pamper your hair, find out which treatments you should use during those nine months.

At home, use lightweight gentle treatments...

To any future mum's delight, your hair is generally radiant from the second month of pregnancy due to a boost in hormones, making your hair stronger and glossier. Since usual hair loss also stops dead at this point, your hair usually becomes thicker and any hair worries are long forgotten (or almost). Take the opportunity to cut down on treatments: it is pointless saturating the hair with products it doesn't need. Opt for a shampoo and conditioner with mild formulations as well as a hydrating mask that is less rich than you are used to.

... or specifically targeted treatments for those who are less fortunate

In certain cases, the opposite can happen and hormonal changes aggravate problems such as greasy roots or dull brittle locks. If this is the case for you, opt for a range of purifying treatments or a highly nourishing mask to restore your hair back to full health.

In the salon, opt for natural products

If you are a fan of long-lasting styling techniques such as professional straightening or perms, you need to take another factor into account: your scalp has a large area of blood supply and it is permeable to any products you apply on it. Therefore, avoid these kinds of treatment involving chemical substances which could reach the foetus. What about the upkeep of your coloured locks? At Jean Louis David salons you can simply get any touch-ups done on your roots with ammonia-free natural plant dyes, up until the sixth month of pregnancy.

Use an anti-hair loss treatment at the end of pregnancy

With the arrival of your baby, the hair cycle goes back to normal and your hair starts to fall out again (completely unrelated to the sudden decrease in hormones). Pre-empt this postpartum hair loss from the last month of your pregnancy onwards, with castor oil which limits hair loss and promotes regrowth. Massaging a few drops into your scalp should be enough for an effective anti-hair loss treatment.

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