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The neo headband
The neo headband
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The neo headband

Forget those chunky velvet headbands you used to wear around school. Today, if you're looking for accessories, the neo-headband is the hottest choice. This new arrival on the catwalks is worn at the back of the head, meaning it is no longer used to hold your hair in place, but simply to spice up your hairstyles. Let's take a look at this trend.
Who can wear the neo-headband? Everyone. Especially if you've got wavy hair or you're partial to a messy chignon. This accessory soups up bohemian hairstyles looking for a modern, feminine touch. While this accessory looks great on wavy hair, there's no need to get downhearted if your hair is straight; simply backcomb your hair before donning this new version of the headband loudly and proudly.
How to choose it. The neo headband has nothing in common with the old thing you used to wear as a child. Erase all thoughts of those velvet or suede numbers, the 2013 version of the headband resembles a metallic hoop. Gold, silver or copper, the neo-headband has little teeth to hold itself in your hair. Wearing it at the back of the head plays down the often overly girly effect of this halo-inspired accessory.
How to wear it. This new-generation accessory should be shown off at the back of the head and offers a lot more fanfare than your average hairband. Placed perpendicular to the ears, its little notches help it stay in place not unlike a comb slide.  The modern and feminine neo-headband is perfect for bohemian styles, whether we're talking braids or a simple wavy 'do.
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