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The must-have bubble ponytail
The must-have bubble ponytail
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The must-have bubble ponytail

Finding a chic alternative to the classic ponytail might be easier than you think! We’ve got a new look that is even simpler to style than the braid or the twisted ponytail…the bubble ponytail.
The bubble ponytail. Recently spotted on the Valentino runway show, all you need to create the bubble ponytail is long hair and a few elastic hair ties. The photo above perfectly demonstrates the concept behind this simple hairstyle which instantly gives the wearer a sophisticated edge. To nail this look, make your spacing equal and precise.
Who can wear the trend? Anybody who wants a quick-to-create hairstyle that incorporates their super-long lengths. If you weren’t born with Rapunzel-worthy hair (sigh), don’t worry. You can get the same effect by clipping in extensions at home. Skip the salon versions as this will give you more versatility and choice over when and where you wear your longer lengths.
Get the catwalk look. Don’t be put off with how complicated this catwalk hairstyle may seem at first glance! The bubble ponytail couldn’t be simpler, meaning even hairstyling novices can give this one a go! On the runway, models wore their locks in a centre parting with a low ponytail, however you can change the positioning of yours to the top of your head if you prefer. The key part to this look is to tie your ponytail into place, then repeatedly tie further elastics every 3cm. Ideally, you should have around 5 or 6 hair elastics when complete. Spray all over with hairspray to give your style staying-power.
© Getty Images © Jean Louis David
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