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Keeping sportswomen's hair in tip-top condition!
Keeping sportswomen's hair in tip-top condition!

The ideal haircare regime for sportswomen

Although sport has a wealth of health benefits, but the effects it has on your hair is a completely different story: greasy locks, brittle lengths and split ends, to name but a few. You can say goodbye to these inconveniences with these hair regimes which specifically caters to a sportswomen's needs.

Has the condition of your hair considerably deteriorated since you upped your workout sessions? Sport in itself is not to blame, but rather... Sweat. Perspiration contains salt which, besides drying out the hair, blocks your pores. The result: sebum builds up on the scalp and the strands of hair end up suffocating. Fortunately, sporty types can give a new lease of life to their hair by following this regime.

Wear appropriate hairstyles

Go for up-dos to prevent your hair from rubbing against the parts of the body prone to producing more sweat. Ponytails, Dutch braids or chignons will be your best choice, provided they are created using the right accessories. Say goodbye to using rubber bands which can damage your hair. Instead, opt for fabric-covered elasticated hairbands and coloured scrunchies for an on-trend nineties style.

Top tip: if you do sport on a daily basis, consider mixing up your hairstyles so that you don't always tie up your hair in the same place.

Pamper your hair after exercise

To get rid of the sweat built up at the roots, you cannot beat washing your hair after a sports session. Go for products which will purify the scalp, and hydrating masks, as perspiration and external damaging factors tend to dry out your locks. If you play strenuous sports every day, you can of course wash your hair daily. The only condition: that you use ultra-mild shampoo and conditioner to prevent damage to the hair fibre.

Top tip: after exercise, it is best to avoid using dry shampoo. As handy as it may be, it traps perspiration on the scalp, which dries out your locks even more.


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