The benefits of castor oil

With moisturising, nourishing and protective properties, castor oil is a real remedy for your hair. We take a closer look at this ancestral beauty product.

Already popular in ancient times (Cleopatra used it as a make-up remover), castor oil is used to strengthen nails, soften the skin and even ease digestion. Besides all of these virtues, it is also an excellent treatment for your hair.

It can speed up growth

Highly concentrated in Vitamin E, castor oil has anti-oxidising and regenerative properties. It is great for helping to activate your hair’s growth, strengthen your locks and slow down hair loss. It can also promote blood micro-circulation in the scalp, nourish and strengthen the roots. Finally, its anti-bacterial properties can help protect against skin infections. The result: when applied, your hair tends to grow more quickly.

It can repair your hair

With its extremely thick consistency, castor oil coats your hair with a protective film, mainly made up of water and sebum, which helps to perfectly preserve your locks’ moisture level.

Another benefit of castor oil is that just like shea butter, it is one of the most nourishing plant-based treatments. Enriched with amino acids and Omega 6 and 9, it deeply penetrates the hair fibre in order to restructure it. As a result, it is particularly recommended for dry or weakened hair.

It can give your hair shine

With weeks of use, castor oil can add shine to your hair, allowing it to reflect light perfectly. As well as making your hair shiny, it can improve your hair’s texture, making it flexible and soft to touch.

All of these properties will quickly make castor oil one of your favourite treatments.

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