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Profiles to follow for easy hair tutorials


As well as being a popular social network, Instagram is also, and above all a source of beauty inspiration! We have picked out three essential Instagram accounts for tutorials on cool, trendy and affordable hairstyles.

Kayley Melissa, a pro in bohemian hairstyles - @KayleyMelissa

This young, blonde, American Youtuber is guaranteed to win you over! Kaley knows how to show off her long hair, whether it’s with a twisted ponytail, a braided crown or a wavy haircut … You’ll find hundreds of cool, romantic and original hairstyles to copy as soon as possible! Her added extra: she also shares beauty tips and her latest favorites to give you ideas.

Chris McMillan, hairdresser for the stars - @ChrisMcMillan

THE profile to follow to uncover the latest hair trends in Hollywood. Chris is a global star in the world of hairdressing. Reason being he was behind the ‘Rachel Cut’: the cult hairstyle that became popular during the 90s thanks to the show Friends. Since, he has become Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, as well as her official hairdresser. And she’s not the only one! Taylor Swift, Julianne Moore and even Nicole Richie are huge fans. So  wait no longer and be inspired by his creations for a look which is always in!

Christina, a girl who is completely comfortable with her curls - @HairRomance

This blogger, who hated her curls before, has decided to accept them and use them for some stunning hairstyles on a daily basis. A real mentor, she encourages people to love their hair as it is. She shows people how to show it off with simple and quick beauty tips. You will also find more elaborate hairstyles for the more advanced among you. Even though Christiane is not a pro… Her tutorials are so well-done that you will quickly become addicted!

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Profiles to follow for easy hair tutorials
Profiles to follow for easy hair tutorials
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO