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Take care of curly hair in winter
Take care of curly hair in winter
Take care of curly hair in winter
Hair care

Take care of curly hair in winter


Humidity, dry air, a lack of sun... winter definitely doesn't do your curly hair any favours. Focus on this exemplary hair regime to adopt during this season to keep your locks full of health!

Why is my hair more fragile in winter?

Because your curly hair tends to be naturally dry. In fact, as your hair shaft is in the shape of tight spirals, it is difficult for sebum to circulate. Therefore, when your hair is faced with a winter climate, it is vulnerable. This climate is characterised by very dry air, low temperatures and weak UV rays which dry out the hair fibre. During this period, your hair is weakened; it dries out more quickly, breaks or becomes frizzier. You should therefore be even more diligent when taking care of your hair.

Your ideal hair regime

Hydrate your hair on a daily basis. Ideally, shampoo your hair well once or twice a week maximum. Choose a product enriched in proteins or plant oils, like those from the Oil Therapy or Keratin Therapy ranges. Each morning, you can also apply a small amount of moisturising cream. Always opt for a light, non-greasy formula in order to preserve your hair's suppleness.

Deeply nourish your hair. The ideal treatment? A hair mask, which will penetrate the hair fibre to nourish, repair and regenerate it. If your hair is very dry or weakened, feel free to use it once a week, after you shampoo your hair. Let it soak in for 2 to 15 minutes according to your needs, before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. You'll see the results are immediate! Furthermore, you can occasionally bathe your hair in plant oil for some intense nutrition.

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