Take a closer look at the Control Smoothing Mask

Regularly straightening your hair can quickly make it fragile. Therefore, Jean Louis David has designed the Control Smoothing Mask for you: a thoroughly protective and nourishing treatment allowing you to show off long, straight shiny hair which is really healthy.

A moment of intense nutrition

This mask is essential for deeply nourishing your hair fibre. Specially designed to regenerate your hair, it maximises hold when styling. Its exclusive formula, the Liss Effect Complex, is essentially made up of silk proteins and cottonseed oil. This proves to be highly rich in hydrating, conditioning and restorative agents.

The result? Over weeks, your hair will become soft and will rediscover its silky smooth texture. Untangling and blow-drying your hair will noticeably become much easier and styling will hold for longer. Your hair will maintain maximum shine and softness. Furthermore, it will be perfectly disciplined: say goodbye to frizz, rebellious hair or untameable volume!

How do I use it?

Apply your mask once a week after washing and wringing out your hair. It is down to you to adapt the quantity of the product according to your hair type (long, thick, short…). Then evenly spread the treatment over the lengths and tips of your hair and leave it for 5 minutes. After, massage your scalp. To do this, carefully emulsify the product using your fingers. This is essential for activating micro-circulation and for helping the product to sink in. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Our advice: prolong the effectiveness of your mask by adopting the full Liss Therapy regime. It is made up of Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo as well as Long Lasting Smoothing Mist. With this regime, you will obtain hair which is smooth, shiny and resilient over time.

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