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Summer hair: looking good on the beach
Summer hair: looking good on the beach

Summer hair: looking good on the beach

Just because you won’t have your hairdryer or straighteners on hand doesn’t mean you can’t achieve some gorgeous hairstyles. Even at the beach, it’s possible to carry off sexy yet simple styles!

Wearing your hair down. A good idea for a simple style that’s easy to recreate is the wet look for straight hair. Slip some hair wax or styling gel into your beach bag to help you achieve this look. When you get out of the water, rinse your hair if you can and wring it out with a towel as much as possible. Rub a small blob of product in your hands and then, using your fingers, work the product through your hair, gathering it at the back with your hands. Be careful to distribute the product evenly to avoid build up in one place. This style will keep your hair off your face creating a fresh look, and will also show off your hair.
Hair accessories. On the beach you can make do with just a few hair accessories to help you stand out and catch people’s eyes! Go for an over-sized flower to create a tropical look. As always, rinse and towel dry your hair when you get out of the water. Use an oil-based spray with sun care to help hydrate your hair, especially at the ends. Create a neat side-parting using a comb. Take your flower slide and fix it on the side of your parting with the most volume.

Wearing your hair up. For mid-length and long hair, an up-do can be a good option. Once you’ve rinsed and towel-dried your hair, apply a protective oil. Warm the oil between your hands and then spread it through your hair, paying particular attention to the ends as these tend to dry out more than the rest of your hair. Gather your hair at the back of your head and fix it in a bun at the nape of your neck with a few hair pins to keep it in place. Don’t pull the hair too tightly – you want to keep a natural, fluid texture for this style.

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