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Streetstyle: the thick fringe hairstyle
Streetstyle: the thick fringe hairstyle
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Streetstyle: the thick fringe hairstyle

If you’re thinking about getting a fringe this season, make sure you take your hair type into consideration. In fact, a fringe can often make fine hair appear even thinner than it actually is, creating a flat end-result. However, thick hair types can benefit greatly from chopping a fringe into their locks.
Her hair. Mid-length, thick wavy hair. Our streetstyle wearer today also has a few sun-kissed highlights thanks to spending her summer abroad. For autumn-winter, she has decided to revamp her whole look and opt for a long fringe. Women with thick locks can try out just about any hairstyle at minimal risk. At her salon appointment, she told her stylist she wanted a curtain fringe that skimmed her eyes. She leaves her lengths natural and straightens her fringe. Apart from her fringe, she doesn’t need to style the rest of her look thanks to the thick nature of her hair.
Her look. Just as influenced by the 60s as her hairstyle. Her kick flare, high-waisted skirt is the key piece to her outfit. To keep her ensemble looking sophisticated, she has paired this retro item with more modern clothing to make it wearable for a daytime occasion. On top, she’s wearing a long sleeve Breton tee with small kitten heels on her feet. A pillar-box red clutch handbag adds a pop of color to her otherwise plain outfit…perfect for brightening up rainy September days!
Tip of the day. Thick hair types can opt for any fringe style they like, and it will always look well-styled. However, don’t attempt to cut yours at home in front of your bathroom mirror. Head to your stylist for a professional finish.
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