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Streaking: the dos and don’ts
Streaking: the dos and don’ts
Hair colouring

Streaking: the dos and don’ts

Streaking is a permanent colouring technique which involves highlighting certain sections of the hair to create an attractive contrast. Follow our advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
First of all, avoid streaking your hair yourself at home. “For a professional result, you need to know the right colouring techniques and have a certain amount of dexterity for the application. The result should not look too even and the base colour must be taken into account.”
Streaking looks best on natural hair and must respect your base colour. It is more suited to medium to light colour bases as, that way, the result is not too far from the original colour! “For darker colour bases, Sunlight is a wiser option. This technique lightens the hair, just like streaking, but results in more medium tones.” By respecting your natural colour, you can be sure that your hair will stay healthy!
Streaking is all about different shades, not different colours. “As colour changes from the roots to the ends, you will be able to see different shades, but they will all be of the same colour.” You won’t see brown, gold and yellow on one head of hair!
It is a good idea to get your hair cut before having it streaked. There’s no point cutting it after application, or having the colouring treatment applied to damaged ends. “Have your hair cut first before the colour is applied for refreshed, radiant ends and a custom result.”
Try not to have your hair streaked too often, as this can have an affect your hair’s health. Don’t sacrifice your soft and shiny hair for your passion for colour! With this in mind, do not have streaks done more than three times a year. “If your roots grow and you can’t wait until your next appointment, go for a touch-up. At Jean Louis David we use a lightening cream which covers and gently lightens the roots without affecting the rest of the hair.”
Finally, look after your hair at home. “To do this, use suitable products, either by choosing products for coloured hair or hydrating products if your hair is feeling dry.”
Our tip: Contrary to popular belief, people with fine or weak hair can opt for streaking as it won’t make the hair more fragile! This colouring technique even adds volume as well as a certain amount of texture.
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