Straight, sleek hair without heat

For lots of women, straighteners are the go-to styling tool to create smooth, sleek locks. Yet, there are other ways to obtain the same results. In particular, techniques that do not use heat. Here is a brief overview of them.

A great classic: rollers

You thought they had gone out of fashion and yet rollers are more on-trend than ever. They are great for creating beautiful curls or for making your hair completely smooth and straight. For straightening, choose rollers with the largest diameter possible and get your hands on a hairdryer with a cold air setting.

Wash your hair with anti-frizz shampoo and partially dry it with a towel, avoiding scrunching it. Use a fine-tooth comb to straighten your locks as much as possible, and to get rid of any potential knots. Then, wrap your strands around your rollers as evenly as possible, to make sure your hairstyle looks uniform. During this process, your hair must stay slightly damp. So, feel free to wet it again if you notice it has dried too quickly. Without taking your rollers out, switch on the cold setting of your hairdryer and dry your hair. To finish, take out the rollers and go over your hair with a brush a few times to accentuate the desired effect. Finally, apply fixing spray.

A surprising technique: the dressing gown belt

Ideally, use this technique the day before, prior to going to bed. Like the previous technique, use anti-frizz shampoo, then quickly dry your hair without scrunching it. Comb your slightly damp locks until they are smooth and then put your hair into a ponytail. The top of the hair must be completely pulled back. Next, wrap the dressing gown belt around the ponytail, tying it as tight as possible. Use an elasticated hair tie at the tips to hold it during the night. When you wake up, untie your hair, brush it and apply fixing spray to keep your smooth and straight hairstyle intact all throughout the day.

A quick technique: a hairdryer and a flat brush

The last option consists of using your hairdryer, set on the cold air setting. Once your hair is combed, washed and wrung out with a towel, apply anti-frizz serum. Use your hairdryer on the cold setting whilst brushing down strand by strand. Once most of your hair is completely dry, apply a lotion specifically designed for smoothing your hair, by combing it through your locks. Apply some hairspray or fixing spray and you’ll have a beautifully smooth and straight hairstyle!

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