Children: what haircut for straight hair?

Just because your children have straight hair, it does not mean they cannot have style. Here are some haircuts that you can opt for to enhance their locks.

The thinned out layered cut

For children, it is always preferable to opt for the simplest option when it comes to haircuts. To add movement to straight hair, whether it be long or mid-length, slight layering is enough. The hairdresser will go for a straight cut as a base and will structure it by cutting strands to frame the child’s face at about a quarter of the hair’s length. On a bob, the hairdresser will keep the hair shoulder length to make styling easier. However, note that layered locks are less suited to short hair as they might give rise to cowlicks on this hair type. Finally, fringes are easy to keep in shape as they stay in place by themselves due to the straightness of the hair.

Unstructured haircuts for a touch of style

Overly short haircuts are out of the question as, again, they might give rise to cowlicks unless the hair stands up on end. You should show off the hair’s volume, focusing on a few cleverly selected sections of hair. For boys, take inspiration from footballers with a shaved nape of the neck, layered hair at the sides and longer thinned-out hair on top. For girls, although few are fans of this boyish look, the pixie crop is a great option. This extremely short bob keeps the length even on top and requires little upkeep, perfect for straight hair.

Top tip: with these haircuts, styling with your hands and a small amount of styling gel is enough for your child’s hair to have a ruffled look or a quiff. Make styling child’s play on a daily basis!