Straight hair: how to avoid the poker-straight effect?

Does your flat hair make your life difficult when you try to give it a bit of volume? Follow the advice below and this little annoyance will soon be a thing of the past.

Find the right haircut for you

With your hair type, forget bob haircuts which accentuate the poker-straight effect, and opt for a beautiful layered look. Playing with lengths allows you to create an optical illusion and it gives natural movement to your hair. Blow-dry styling is also your friend: by lifting your hair at the roots, it gives a wonderful impression of movement.

Ask for a “shaping service”

In Jean Louis David salons, try out a “shaping service”. This technique makes your hair more supple and gives it movement. Your hairdresser will put in rollers in a specific way and will add a product used for perming. However, this is not a perm or a blow-dried styled effect, but a wave effect (subtler than the wavy effect) with an understated, natural and on-trend “straight from the beach” look. The specialist hairdresser will work only on the mid-lengths. They will not work on the roots or tips, so as not to weigh down fine, straight hair. Depending on the nature of your locks, the result will last on average between 4 and 6 weeks. It’s good to know that with this technique, your hair will not be damaged in any way.

Dry your hair properly

If your hair is lacking in volume, a simple and effective method consists of drying your hair upside-down. Your hairdryer must not be on too high a heat setting and above all, you should apply cold air directly to the roots. This will give your locks the lightness needed to make this voluminous effect last. Finish off by lightly scrunching your hair whilst applying a fixing spray, so that your hairstyle holds.

Choose the right styling product

Besides hairspray or fixing spray, other products let you say goodbye to the poker-straight effect. In particular mousse, such as Design Mousse by Jean Louis David. For a result which meets your expectations, you must work with your hair by scrunching it after the product has been applied to the lengths. More surprisingly, salt water is an excellent alternative. This product is applied in exactly the same way: spray it in and scrunch your hair.

Use curling tongs

The last option for adding volume to your hair: curling tongs. Strand by strand, apply a thermo-active spray which acts as a heat protective shield and helps to form and hold curls in place. Spread the product through your hair using a comb, and wrap a strand around the device. For a natural effect, start level with your ears and once you have finished curling, rake your fingers through your hair to get a more relaxed effortless look.