Step by step: how can I create a romantic half-ponytail?

Very popular for a few months now, the half-ponytail comes in several versions. Conventional for daily wear, slicked back for summer evenings or messy-styled for a bohemian look. This time, find out how to give a romantic touch to your half-up half-down style by experimenting with plaits and waves.

Prepare your hair to facilitate styling

The first step before you start forming the romantic half-ponytail: thorough detangling (after all, you are about to put in several plaits). If you have wavy or curly hair, feel free to straighten a few strands at the roots: a great way to eliminate frizz and to create hold. To do this, use a round brush and a hairdryer or straighteners.


Create two symmetrical African braids

For the classic version, the half-ponytail is ultra-simple: you just need to brush your hair and take strands from the sides, gathering them at the back of your head. For this look, start by creating an African braid on each side of the head. Once gathered (using a hair tie), the plaits will form a symmetrical crown. Choose a point at which to tie up your hair. Make this high up on your head for a more modern look. To hide the hair tie, separate out a strand from your half-ponytail: it can be wrapped around your hair tie to conceal it. A chignon hairpin can be useful for fixing it all.

Our tip: accentuate the floaty effect by pulling lightly on each plait.

Embellish your locks with fishtail braids

Your half-ponytail has been formed, now it’s time to dress it up! Continue styling by creating a fishtail braid . But instead of plaiting your strands down to the tips, stop after a few twists (about ten centimetres). This allows you to make your hairstyle look more sophisticated whilst accentuating a floaty, almost messy-styled effect. Tie it all up and hide your hair tie by wrapping a strand around it, like earlier. If you have long hair, you could even repeat this step.


Add a wavy effect

The last step: pretty curls for a floaty effect! The perfect technique? Wrap a few strands around curlers without closing the clasp you use to trap your hair (it can leave marks). Once you have curled one strand, move onto the next one without touching the previous one. Wait until your hair is cold before working with it using your fingers. Apply hairspray to fix your hair and add Shine Spray for extra shine. All that’s left to do is add a pretty hair slide to finish off the whole look.

Now you’ve mastered the technique, make way for accessories! Find out which earrings you should choose to enhance your hairstyle !

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