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Should men’s hair be cut when wet or dry?
Should men’s hair be cut when wet or dry?

Should men’s hair be cut when wet or dry?

Some salons will ask you, others wont. Cutting your hair dry often depends on the preference of the stylist cutting your hair that day. Some hairdressers simply prefer wet to dry and vice versa. The pros give us their recommendations and advice on the best conditions for cutting your hair.
The technique used really depends on your stylist. ‘Cutting dry hair is much more difficult than wet hair. The stylist needs to know the client’s hair well to be able to cut the hair perfectly. This is why the majority of hair stylists prefer not to take the risk and cut on wet hair.’
Cutting dry hair requires expert skills. ‘When hair is wet, strands group together, making it easier to cut. Cutting hair when wet is also faster than cutting dry hair, without sacrificing quality. You can sit back and relax in your salon chair knowing you will have a precise haircut.’
However, some clients prefer to have their hair cut dry, ‘In fact, you get to see your hair in its true form, step by step of the haircut, making it easier for you to see the final result. If you like the sound of seeing your hair cut in real-time, find a stylist who can do the job…then stick with them for life!’
Our tip: Don’t be afraid to go to your salon and ask for some advice on the different ways of cutting hair. Whichever you decide to go for, rest assured that the majority of the time, the final result will be the same, regardless of the technique.

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