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To add tone, boost, or illuminate your colour, opt for specialised treatments for coloured hair.
To add tone, boost, or illuminate your colour, opt for specialised treatments for coloured hair.
To add tone, boost, or illuminate your colour, opt for specialised treatments for coloured hair.
Hair colouring

Red hair colouring: things you can do and treatments to maintain it


Have you just fallen for flaming red, copper, or ginger hair? Discover how you can enhance your hair to make it soft and shiny on a daily basis. Get a guaranteed 'just left the salon' look!

At home, boost your hair with a specialised regime

Wind, pollution, hard water... These external elements damage your hair and have an impact on its colour. Likewise the sun: your hair's artificial red pigments are very sensitive. The best way to protect them? Maintain your colour, whether it be permanent or temporary, with specialised products. Packed full of active ingredients (such as antioxidants), the treatments for coloured hair form a barrier against external damage.

The must-have regime? The Color Therapy range enriched with the Color Stay Complex: a new formula which fixes the colour onto the hair fibre. With this regime, you will maximise your highlights with excellent hydration. As every hair type has specific needs, feel free to seek advice from your hairdresser to know if you need to use 1, 2, or 3 products from the range.

Start by using Intense Color shampoo, which you should use 2 to 3 times a week. It prolongs your colour and boosts your hair's shine. Complete the regime with the Deep Color Mask (once a week). When left to sink into damp hair for a few minutes, it hydrates the hair and fixes pigments. Wait for 3 minutes, emulsifying it from time to time, then rinse thoroughly. Before styling, always add a small amount of Ultimate Color Leave-In Treatment milk: it facilitates detangling and helps to boost your hair. All with a leave-in treatment.

In the salon, illuminate your hair and get any touch-ups done on your roots

Becoming a redhead takes work! As a complement to your home hair regime, regular visits to your hairdresser are essential. To avoid the obvious roots effect, go to the salon for touch-ups on your roots every 4 to 6 weeks.

Similarly, once a month, rediscover the Color Therapy Regime and the shampoo-mask-milk trio. What will it change? On top of your home regime, the hairdresser will identify any highlights they need to revive and will apply a mask for a personalised treatment. Three relaxing minutes later, your hair will be shiny, soft and your highlights will be enhanced. This regime will help prevent your red hair from fading: argan butter protects and nourishes the fibre, Vitamin E fixes the colour, keratin deeply repairs the cuticles and a UV filter preserves the colour from daily damage.

This Spring-Summer 2016 season, don't miss The Mix & Match: one of the 3 new Jean-Louis David colouring techniques. It's down to you to decide if you want to go for ultra-shiny copper highlights!

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