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Q&A: December style tips
Q&A: December style tips
Hair care

Q&A: December style tips

Which shampoo should you use after wearing a hat?
- Dry shampoo
- Control Therapy Shampoo
- Hydration & Suppleness Shampoo
Answer: The first two answers! After removing your hat, spray dry shampoo into the roots to refresh your style. Then, next time you shampoo, opt for Control Therapy which thoroughly cleanses hair.
This winter, your short hairstyle should…
- Enable you to create several different looks
- Be all one length
- Have a centre parting
Answer: This winter is all about being able to create several different hairstyles thanks to your cut’s versatility. Try a side fringe, bowl style, bed-head chic or sleek and straight.
Should pregnant women color their hair?
- Yes
- No
- It all depends
Answer: It depends on your personal choice. Don’t panic, however, as there is no link between your scalp and blood stream. As a general rule, stylists at Jean Louis David salons tend not to color pregnant women’s hair after the 6 month period as the scalp can become much more sensitive and painful after this point.
Is the turban a good alternative to the beanie this winter?
- Yes, the perfect companion for your down-coat
- No, this accessory is reserved for summer
- Yes, providing you choose a dark shade
Answer: This winter is all about bold and bright colors! Opt for a look-at-me shade to brighten up your wintery outfit. Keep your locks in check by styling into a chignon bun, then wrapping your turban around for a chic look this 2015!
Which of the following will always ensure squeaky-clean locks?
- Only washing hair once a week
- Rinsing thoroughly
- Always applying a hair mask
Answer: You better get used to spending time with your head under the water, as it’s rinsing that will leave your locks looking radiant and feeling cleaner than ever.
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