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How to style short hair this winter
How to style short hair this winter
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How to style short hair this winter

This winter, get creative with your short hairstyle and experiment with different looks. Head to your salon and ask your stylist for some ideas. Let’s take a look at this winter’s top styles for shorter locks.
Shorter hair tends to be straighter. ‘You can style your longer sections forward or slick backwards, however the effect will generally remain straight. A side parting is one of the best ways to give your style some structure and movement’.
Want to try out a rockabilly quiff but not sure how to start? ‘Thanks to the shorter lengths, you won’t need to do any backcombing whatsoever. Simply spray a volumising product into the roots then sweep backwards. If you’re still not sure or are having problems getting it right at home, head to your nearest Jean Louis David salon and ask for the Speed Brush service’.
This year, all of the volume should be on the top of your style, or around the sides if your hair is extremely short. ‘A layered fringe is a great way to create some volume around the face. Speak to your stylist for some professional advice before going for the plunge. Make sure you specify that you want a structured cut in a classic bowl style. A variation of lengths will give you more versatility when it comes to styling’.
Our advice: When growing out your short hair, make sure you still make salon appointments to keep your style looking groomed. They will be able to re-structure the sides and even out any harsh edges whilst leaving the ends to grow.
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