Protecting your hair from the heat of your styling tools

Styling tools make life difficult for our hair. So it’s important to protect and take care of it to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Here’s our advice.
“Hair that is left unprotected will take a beating from any harsh treatment. The hair’s cuticles are opened up and this stops it from reflecting the light, leaving it looking dull. This is why at Jean Louis David we recommend a smoothing heat treatment.” This treatment will produce an incredible mirror effect!
Another result of not protecting your hair is: dryness. If your hair is heated up too much it can burn, or even cook. “To protect and coat your hair, use thermo-active products. These will act as a barrier, covering your hair with a protective film.”
Before using your hair dryer, straighteners or curling tongs, make sure you towel dry your hair as much as possible. “Make sure you use a dry towel to do this. A wet towel will not get rid of as much water. When you get out of the shower, twist your hair to squeeze out the excess water. Then comb through with a fine-tooth comb to dry it even further.” Your hair is now ready to be dried! Remember to apply a thermo-active product beforehand.
The coating on your styling tools is also another important factor to be considered. For example, ionic tools are perfect for taming static hair. These tools restore the ions in your hair after blow-drying or straightening. “Tourmaline coatings also have their advantages, as do ceramic coatings. Especially when it comes to straighteners. These smooth materials don’t stick to the hair as much and therefore cause less damage.” This makes them easier to use and means you’re putting your hair through a lot less stress!
Finally, don’t forget to use hair treatments. Dull hair is dull because it lacks keratin. Keratin-based treatments will treat your hair and prepare it against intense heat application.

Our tip: Don’t use your straighteners every day. Why not simply straighten the sections of your hair that need it, usually your ends. But as they dry out very easily, avoid overheating them.

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