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Preppy style: the hair bow
Preppy style: the hair bow
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Preppy style: the hair bow

These days, the preppy style often takes its inspiration from the latest American TV shows. An immaculate look teamed with a trendy accessory, everything is well-thought-out, especially the hairstyle. This summer, the hair bow is the hairstyle of choice for anyone who wants to mix classic touches with modern styles.
The hair bow. The hair bow worn horizontally across the top of the head is long gone. Today, the hair bow is worn vertically at the back of your hair for a perfectly preppy look. The hairstyle must be neutral and elegant while the bow should be elegant and refined. The style features a parting worn innocently down the centre of your hair with not a hair out of place. An immaculate, sweet and innocent effect!
How to create it. You'll need mid-length to long hair so you get the right shape and volume. If your hair is too short, consider extensions! First of all, create your centre parting. Then gather your hair at the back of your neck and create a slick ponytail. Once you've tied your hair up, fold the ends back through your hair band, making sure they're not visible. Take a thin hair band and place it in the middle of your folded ponytail. Pull it tight to create volume on both sides of the band. The hair on either side of the bow must be of equal width. For lasting hold, finish with hairspray.
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