Perfect your hair-washing technique in 5 simple steps

We all tend to wash our hair several times each week, but are you really using the correct techniques and getting the most out of your wash? Discover our top tips for squeaky clean hair that keeps on shining.
Step 1: only wash your locks when you absolutely have to. Over-washing your hair can weigh down the lengths and cause dullness. Get the most out of your shampoo and achieve top salon-looking results by minimising how often you wash your hair. Less is more!
Step 2: avoid color-specific shampoos. These types of products can leave behind colour deposits, however not necessarily the correct match for your locks. Instead, opt for a shampoo that deals with your hair type, whether you have dry, greasy or a bit of both! Your hair needs targeted shampoo that will cater to its individual needs.
Step 3: don’t go overboard on your second wash. If you’re the kind of girl to wash your hair twice in the shower, make sure you never use the same quantity of shampoo the second time round. A small coin-sized amount will suffice for the first wash, using even less the second time. This technique will allow your hair to breathe and prevent a build-up of product, leaving your locks healthy and clean.
Step 4: nail your technique. Try not to over-stimulate your scalp whilst washing. This can activate the sebaceous glands, causing greasy roots later in the day. Instead, gently massage your scalp lightly, keeping any conditioners and intensive masks away from this area.
Step 5: rinse thoroughly. Don’t rush and take your time when rinsing! Place your head under the water and gently massage the product around. To de-tangle whilst in the shower, run your fingers from root to tip to eliminate knots and help your shampoo rinse out more effectively. Your hair will be knot-free whilst its condition and overall appearance will significantly improve.
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