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Styling ideas for a sophisticated and relaxed look.
Styling ideas for a sophisticated and relaxed look.

Men: which hairstyles should I try for a casual look?

The casual style, relaxed sophistication, the art of individuality. A shirt, saddlebag, trainers...every detail counts, including the hairstyle which perfects your look. Here are three to inspire you.

A side parting for short, layered hair

Give movement to your hairstyle with a side parting. It's a great way to structure a short, lightly layered haircut. As for the technique, it's very quick. Mark out the parting with a fine comb, apply a small amount of gel to your hair (ensuring you apply the right amount) and style your strands towards the back to keep the hair off your forehead, without flattening it down too much (see the photo above).

Tousled hair for a messy-styled effect

You have to work at creating a deliberately effortless hairstyle. Ensure your hair has enough length: long enough strands to tie up your hair, but not too long so they hold without a problem. To create this effect, use a sculpting product. The ideal choice? Jean Louis David's Design Paste. It's a paste specifically designed for this kind of look. Heat up a small amount in your hands, then apply it all over your hair. To style your locks, run your fingers through your hair at the roots. Ruffle it up slightly. The result? Natural messy-styled movement.

A wavy effect on mid-lengths

Is your hair shoulder length? Be inspired by the surfer look with this express hairstyle. If you have curly hair, use some mousse or gel to boost your curls. Are your locks straight? A light spray of sea water will allow you to texturise your strands and make them more supple. To style your hair, you have two options. Either mark out a side parting to add structure to the haircut or gather your hair towards the back for a floatier effect.


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