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Men: the dos and don'ts for hair breakage
Men: the dos and don'ts for hair breakage
Men: the dos and don'ts for hair breakage

Men: hair breakage, our advice for treating it


Is your hair brittle? Does it fall out into the sink when styling or is it increasingly getting thinner? Find out our tips on how to make your locks stronger and how to treat them.

Hair breaks when it has prematurely aged and lost its elasticity: the hair fibre breaks from any slight "damaging factor". It sometimes even occurs at the roots which makes you falsely believe you are losing your hair. The result: your hair is not as thick and your haircut loses its shape.

The ABCs for preventing hair breakage

No gentlemen, hair breakage is not just for women. It may be due to you having naturally weak hair, ageing or a lack of vitamins and minerals. Combat the latter with supplements. A good lifestyle is essential for strong locks: avoid stress, sleep well and maintain a balanced diet.

The treatment regime to adopt

To repair your locks, opt for a shampoo and mask containing keratin such as those from Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy range. They can help deeply restructure and strengthen the hair fibre. Keratin is essential for making your hair more supple and strong. If your locks get tangled when washing, use a detangling treatment to make them more supple before detangling. By doing this, they are much less likely to break when combing.

Things which will weaken your locks

Constantly running your hands through your hair, washing your hair every day, using straighteners daily or excessively using styling products are all habits which can damage your hair. Equally, avoid rubbing your hair with your towel, instead simply dab it dry to wring it out. Furthermore, do not sleep with wet hair. Damp locks are more sensitive and will break when you move in your sleep. As for your hair dryer, use it on its cold air setting as it is much gentler on your locks. If you are a fan of the man bun, tie up your hair with a fabric hair band without a metal connecting part. The metal will exert pressure on your hair and will break the hair fibre

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