Men: gel, wax, mousse... which styling product should I choose?

With all the styling products available, it is sometimes difficult to decide… which one is the most suited to your hair and your chosen hairstyle? Our expert has taken a closer look.

Gel to fix movement

“Firstly, gel adds hold to your hairstyles. Once applied, it tames the hair, without losing its depth. Its sculpting effects allow you to also add movement. By using it, you can choose between a vast selection of hairstyles! Go for a sophisticated look with slicked-back hair combined with a side parting or if you prefer a rock & roll style, create a Mohawk or an unstructured effect. Finally, sweep your hair towards the back to obtain a chic retro look… Just what you need to let your imagination run free!”

Our advice. Be careful to not to make your hair look stiff! To avoid this unattractive look, always apply gel lightly and in small amounts. This will prevent you from smothering your scalp… essential for keeping your hair healthy long term!

Wax for texturizing your hair

If you use wax properly , it is the ideal product for modelling your hair according to your desired look, whilst taming any rebellious strands. Unlike gel, wax doesn’t have a high level of hold. This does not affect its popularity amongst the male population as it adds a very natural shine to the hair. If you wish to obtain a messy-styled effect, only apply it to the tips. Alternatively, spread the product from the roots to the tips to create a sophisticated powder puff effect for a perfect son-in-law look.”

“Careful, as this product is made from fat, it has a tendency to weigh down the hair and therefore flatten it. For this reason, it is more recommended for thick hair and less suitable for fine hair.”

Vanessa Giani

Our advice. To guarantee your hairstyle holds, mix wax with a small amount of gel. You’ll see, your hair won’t move for hours!

Mousse to structure your hair

“As a general rule, mousse is used to add hold and perfect definition to curly hair . It also maximises volume by coating the hair fibre. Furthermore, it can suit all types of hair. Its main asset? It’s a much lighter product than the others. When it dries, it hardens and adds hold with a highly natural result. Ultra-easy to apply, you’re bound to love it if you don’t have much time to style your hair in the mornings.”

Our advice. If you have less than a centimetre of hair on your head, mousse will be no use at all! Opt for gel or wax instead.

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