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Tips for properly cleansing and enhancing your beard
Tips for properly cleansing and enhancing your beard
Tips for properly cleansing and enhancing your beard

Men: 4 tips for cleaning your beard


To take care of your beard, you need to wash it regularly: once a week for stubble and every day if you have a long thick beard. Read on to find out some steps you can follow to clean your beard to perfection.

1. Shampoo it!

When washing your hair, while you're at it shampoo your beard. You can use the same product you use on your hair, but a lotion or specific soap would be even better. They will soften the structure of your beard hair, which is often much thicker and courser than the hair on your head. Apply the shampoo to your damp beard and gently massage it in to spread the foam evenly all over. Then, thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water to wash off the product and to get rid of any residue left on your beard (pollution, crumbs, etc.) that has built up over time. Finally, dry it by dabbing it with a clean towel.

2. Hydrate your beard

Once your beard is perfectly clean and dry, you should nourish it with a targeted treatment to make it silky soft. Balm, cream, serum or oil... You have a whole range of products to choose from, even available in supermarkets! Every day, apply a small amount of your chosen product by massaging it into your beard. Especially if it is long, you should hydrate it down to the tips . This will make it less likely to attract particles liable to get lodged in your beard, and it will be also make it feel much more comfortable, not only for you but for your other half too!

3. Brush your beard regularly

To finish off your look in the mornings and to get rid of any residue accumulated through the day in the evenings, gently brush your beard with a hog's hair beard brush. Forget plastic combs as they can encourage static electricity, making your beard look dishevelled and shaggy.

4. Exfoliate once a week

This is the best way to cleanse and purify your beard, and it gives you a lovely fresh feeling. By exfoliating, you can remove any dead skin cells and prevent any ingrowing hairs from forming.

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