Men: 3 secrets to having healthy hair

Is your hair dull, lifeless and brittle? Gentlemen, it is about time you took action to help restore your hair’s vitality and strength. How? Thanks to these 3 secrets from Jean Louis David.

Use targeted treatments

Say goodbye to using your partner’s shampoo in the shower. This may be perfect for her locks, but the odds are your hair does not have the same needs. The first thing you should do is determine the nature of your hair and get your hands on some targeted treatments. If your hair is dry, nourishing products are a must. If you have greasy hair, opt for a purifying regime instead. Finally, for those who wash their hair every day, alternate your standard shampoo with a mild frequent-use product so as not to damage your scalp.

Tidy your hats away

Beanies and caps may look highly on-trend, but the less you wear them, the more your hair will thank you for it. In fact, these accessories deprive your hair of sunlight and therefore vitamin D, essential for its growth. In addition, they limit the scalp’s oxygenation. Long term, this is sure to encourage hair loss.

Massage your scalp

As hair in tip-top condition starts with a healthy scalp, you cannot beat indulging in the art of head massaging. Whether done in the shower or watching TV, this technique promotes circulation of the nutrients required to boost your hair’s growth and vitality.

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