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Maximum-volume haircuts
Maximum-volume haircuts

Maximum-volume haircuts

Flat hair? Don't fret! Find yourself a haircut that will give your hair volume. Once you know the effect and thickness you're after, simply add layers.
Yes, you can create volume in long hair! "Volume is not about the length of your hair, but how layered it is. Layers are a must for people with fine hair who are after volume. But don't go overboard. Too many layers in the upper section of your hair will make your ends look even thinner. The trouble is, getting layers involves chopping off more hair, so they don't necessarily make it look thicker.
To decide which haircut to go for, your hairdresser needs to evaluate your hair's characteristics. "Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, it's your hairdresser's job to work out how much volume a cut will provide. It's all about getting the right balance between the desired volume and how your hair looks to begin with. A good hairdresser will know not to add too many layers to avoid that lovely 70s bowl cut effect!
People often think that short hair has more volume, but this isn't true. "Not all short haircuts have more volume. The volume depends on the haircut and the way you choose to style it. Some women have short, flat hair while others have full-bodied, mid-length hair. However, it is true that it's easy to create volume in short hair. Simply texturise it and work your fingers through it to give your short hair body."
Our tip: For added thickness, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo to enhance the fibre.
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