Massage your scalp to promote hair growth

Scalp massages are renowned for their relaxing effect, but that’s not all. Some scalp massages also promote hair growth.
Massaging your scalp makes it more supple and provides it with oxygen through vascularisation. “The scalp is a delicate area of your body from which hair grows. Massaging it makes it more flexible and therefore strengthens hair, leaving it shiny and helping it to grow more quickly.
Whatever you do, do not rub your scalp. The idea is to “lift” it to encourage hair growth. “Use circular movements and press with your fingers as you wash your hair, running your fingers towards the centre of your head.”
The best thing to do is to massage your scalp when you’re in the shower. But if you don’t have time, you can also do it when your hair is dry. “Do it while you’re watching TV! Set a central point with your thumbs on the side of your head and work with the ends of your fingers for 1-2 minutes, lifting your scalp, not rubbing. Rubbing can lead to irritation and dandruff.”
Our tip: Don’t massage your temples. These areas contain sensitive nerve endings and should only be massaged by a medical professional.
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