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Tips for keeping your hair perfectly styled whilst hiking
Tips for keeping your hair perfectly styled whilst hiking
Tips for keeping your hair perfectly styled whilst hiking

Keeping your hair perfectly styled whilst hiking


It isn't easy to keep your hairstyle intact when you go on a long hike in the countryside. To keep your hairstyle looking its best, follow our guide on how to be a well-styled hiker.

Opt for a practical hairstyle

Forget setting off with your hair loose to get blown about by the wind. A practical up-do is essential for taming your locks and for withstanding any potential downpours or sunny spells. A ponytail, braid or chignon are all perfect for keeping your hair out of your eyes. Either wear a high or low version of these hairstyles depending on the temperature outdoors, to either cover the nape of your neck or keep it free of hair. Top tip: always spritz on hairspray as a finishing touch to hold the hairstyle in place.

Go for the de-styled effect

Be smart and pre-empt hair malfunctions when hiking by opting for a de-styled look! Perfect for daredevil hikers, it will hide any unruly hair or frizz. To create this look, simply leave a few strands loose as part of your hairstyle. By the end of the day, it will be difficult see any difference between the parts that were meant to be messy from those that were not.

Have an emergency styling kit at hand

Slip a few flat hairpins into your pocket to hold any unruly strands in place and pack a headband into your rucksack so that you can put it on in the blink of an eye to make sure your hair stays back whenever needed. Also have a spare hairband to hand to keep your hair back in case you lose your other one. A real emergency styling kit!

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