I’ve found my first ever grey hair…what should I do?

Spotted your first every grey hair? Don’t panic! Discover the best techniques and tricks to tackling this transition period.
If this is your first ever grey hair you’ve spotted, you can simply gently pull that single strand out, however it will most certainly grow back the same color. ‘Tweaking out grey hairs here and there is a simple solution, however is not really an option when greys start sprouting everywhere. There are a few tricks you should have up your sleeve. If your grey makes up 30-35% of your overall hair, you should opt for a temporary light color which will gradually wash out after each shampoo. You can do this every 6 weeks to provide a light and natural coverage of that pesky grey stripe down your parting’.
You may, however, be at a stage where you have more grey hair than your desired color. ‘If you want to hide your grey, you’ll need to head to your salon for a permanent color. This means committing to booking regular appointments to keep on top of root re-growth. You will choose your ideal color with the help of your stylist to maximize grey coverage’. The best thing about a permanent color? Greys are a thing of the past!
Our advice: If your natural hair color is fairly light, another option is to go for highlights throughout to break up your look. Opt for a warm medium tone which will cleverly disguise greys when they start to re-appear. It won’t hide your greys altogether, however is a great way to camouflage them. Try out this technique to see the results for yourself!
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