I damaged my hair using straighteners... Solutions for repairing it

Have your straighteners defeated your hair? Don’t panic, there are solutions so your hair can shine with health once more. Here is our advice on how you can restore your hair’s condition.

Solution n°1: space out how often you use your straighteners

Is your hair damaged or dry? Without doubt, you’re excessively using your heating device! If you wish to rediscover your hair’s vitality, don’t straighten on a daily basis, just do it once a week. In addition, prior to straightening, apply thermo-active treatment which will act as a shield against the high temperatures given off by your straighteners.

Our advice. Allow your hair to rest and learn how to accept and enhance your hair’s natural texture. Whether your hair be wavy, curly or frizzy… there are treatments and styling products available to you and several on trend hairstyles for enhancing your hair.

Solution n°2: use hair products enriched in Keratin

Your hair is made up of 90% keratin. To deeply restructure the hair fibre, you should, at all costs, use treatments which are mainly made up of this protein. The essential thing you should do? Adopt the entire Keratin Therapy regime.

To do this, wash your hair one to three times a week with Hydration and Suppleness Shampoo. Once a week, finish off shampooing your hair with the Infinite Softness Mask. Apply it to damp hair, allow it to soak in for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Finally, spray on Absolute Shine thermo-active treatment each time before straightening your hair.

Our advice. Your hair is particularly fragile, so it needs treatments which work deeply to help your hair regenerate. Allow your mask to work for up to 30 minutes for intense nutrition.

Solution n°3: avoid any further sensitising of your hair

Avoid colouring your hair and say goodbye to bleaching! Wait for your hair to be repaired before carrying out these kinds of techniques. Of course, colouring your hair does improve how your hair looks, as it seems to appear shinier for the first few days. However, it cannot replace treatments and consequently your hair will remain damaged. Finally, consider protecting your hair from external damage, notably in summer. Chlorine, sea salt or UV rays harm the hair fibre even more.

Our advice. During your holidays, always apply sun cream, such as the Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel, each time, before and after you go for a swim or are exposed to the sun.

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