How to take care of your scalp

Looking after your scalp plays an essential part in keeping your hair in healthy, vibrant condition. Our pro reveals all.
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. ‘Taking care of your scalp should be a top priority. If your scalp is healthy, your hair has a better starting point. Problems to look out for include skin conditions, irregular shedding of dead skin cells or even external aggressions. You could be de-tangling your locks with a heavy hand, or an abrasive shampoo might be the cause. The result is that the scalp becomes sore and itchy. Finally, you might also be suffering from unbalanced sebum production meaning your hair gets greasier quicker than it should’.
Make a point of massaging your scalp on a regular basis. ‘This will encourage blood flow to the scalp meaning hair is stronger and more resilient. Apply gentle pressure using your fingertips to the scalp area. After you’ve finished, it should feel relaxed, soft and supple. This technique also encourages the hair to grow faster and can actually prevent some of the symptoms mentioned above’.
Our advice: When applying hair masks, serums and creams, why not massage the excess from your hands into the scalp gently to allow it to deeply penetrate the upper layer of skin. Thanks to the skin in this area being so delicate, it will instantly absorb any product, resulting in radiant-looking locks.
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