How to prepare your hair for bedtime

Not sure what to do with your head when you go to bed? Discover what our pros have to say on the subject. So… is there anything you should be doing which you haven’t yet considered?
Tying your hair up at night is the best option. ‘This stops the hair getting tangled, especially if you have long locks. You can, however, leave your hair loose, providing your hair doesn’t usual get itself knotted overnight. Another solution is to tie your hair into two braids to keep everything under control. The next morning, you’ll have beautiful waves! Before hitting the sack, brush through your hair to get rid of dirt build-up and any residue accumulated through the day’.
Applying a haircare product before you go to sleep isn’t really necessary. ‘Allow your hair to breath. You normal haircare routine should suffice and adding another one on top of that will only weigh down your style. Night is the ideal time for your hair to relax and take a well-deserved break from tools and lotions’.
Our advice: If you prefer to wash your hair at night, make sure you always dry thoroughly before going to sleep. This will tangle your hair and flatten your style considerably the next day due to friction with your pillow. And, speaking of pillows, select one with natural fibers such as silk, satin or cotton. Synthetic fabrics will make your hair more prone to static.
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