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Take a look at our advice on how to keep your hairstyle looking good during your journey.
Take a look at our advice on how to keep your hairstyle looking good during your journey.
Take a look at our advice on how to keep your hairstyle looking good during your journey.
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How to keep your hairstyle looking good while travelling


Whether by train, plane, boat or car, whatever the mode of transport long trips often spell disaster for your beautifully coiffed locks. To keep your head held high when you arrive, here are a few tips...

As in many areas of life, the key to success is preparation. Prepare for your journey properly by popping the following essentials into your handbag:

Dry shampoo, but pay particular attention to the packaging if you are going on a plane: aerosols are not allowed on planes so opt for a pump spray which is also better for the environment.
A hairbrush preferably one with natural bristles to prevent static electricity.
A structuring powder
A travel hairdryer which can be plugged into cigarette lighters in cars, in the toilet on trains, planes and boats.
A scarf made from natural materials

Before the trip

After washing your hair, let a moisturising and nourishing mask soak in for an hour or longer, depending on your hair's condition. This will prepare for the dehydrating effect that flights, the sea and air conditioning may have on your hair. If you have mid-length to long hair, opt for a serum and a fixing product that does not coat the hair shaft, to ensure that your coiffed hair lasts for as long as possible.

During the journey

During a long journey, your hair can get flattened and even rub against the head rest. When you arrive, you are bound to have unruly tufts and tousled hair! To avoid this less than attractive look, make sure you opt for the right hairstyle to begin with.

If you have short hair

The best thing to do is to wrap it in a silk or satin scarf. Not only will your hairstyle stay in place, but it will be protected against any draughts caused by air conditioning.

If you have curly hair

With a bun or a half-bun, you should be able to sleep easily and once you have arrived, all you need to do is give your hair a quick brush and you will have beautiful curls once more. Simply loosen them with your fingers.

If you have straightened hair

A tight braid will stay in place even on a long journey. If you find that uncomfortable, tie your hair up with an elasticated hairband. Before you arrive, let your locks loose and spray them with dry shampoo. Brush them with a very small amount of structuring powder and quickly blow-dry them. Your locks will be soft, thick and shiny once more!

If you have long hair

Opt for a very loose braid which you can untie when you arrive for a very natural wavy effect.

Good to know: you should avoid wearing hair slides during long journeys, to avoid flattening down your hair and leaving kinks.

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