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Our advice for changing hair colour and preserving your hair's health.
Our advice for changing hair colour and preserving your hair's health.
Our advice for changing hair colour and preserving your hair's health.
Hair colouring

How to go from red to blond?


Many redheads are tempted to change their hair colour to sun-kissed, timeless blond. Whether it be Californian, ash or platinum, this colour instantly adds light to your hair. If you are also considering going blond, take a look at our advice so you can take the plunge without any worries.

Opt for a shade which is right for you

Choose a shade of blond which you could easily wear day-to-day. As red hair (an average base shade) has a similar tonal range to blond (a light base), you have several options. If you wish to gently lighten your hair, go for strawberry blond which is characterised by red highlights, or an ash blond which is dark and cold but also catches the light.

However, for a radical change, go for a very light colour such as ice or platinum blond which will give you a distinctive on-trend rock chick look. As for honey or golden blond shades, they add maximum shine, as if you had spent the year on a Californian beach.

Our advice. If you have a bronzed complexion stick to warm shades, such as golden blond. Conversely, if your skin is very pale, opt for cold tones such as ice blond.

Choose the right technique

Highlights are highly recommended if you are going from red to blond. Why? Because they give you a natural, light-reflecting result which is full of depth. Plus, the hairdresser will only make your hair 1 to 3 tones lighter than your initial colour, which will help reduce damage to the hair fibre. Finally, this partial colouring technique allows you to avoid having a "telltale roots" effect. This means that it lasts very well over time.

Another alternative is to go for a standard colouring treatment which will cover your hair from the roots down to the tips. To get an even result, the hairdresser will bleach your hair with varying levels of intensity depending on your desired shade. In this case, you should go to the salon every month for touch-ups on the roots.

Make an appointment with your hairdresser

Going from red to blond requires that you get it done professionally. To show off a beautiful colour which will hold in the long term, trust in your hairdresser. They are in the best position to advise you on which shade is most suitable, to determine the type of product that is right for you and to decide on the right resting time to get the result of your dreams.

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