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How to go from blonde to brown
How to go from blonde to brown
Hair colouring

How to go from blonde to brown

We’re always hearing about people wanting to go from brown to blonde, but what about the other way round? Find out how to go from one to other with your professional stylist. No risks involved.
Going from blonde to brown is a lot less hard on your hair than the other way round. Unless, of course, your hair is already damaged to start with. To avoid damaging your hair or ending up with an unsightly colour, visit your hairdresser for a tailor-made result.
Your hairdresser will start by preparing your hair with a pre-colour product. “We can’t colour hair straightaway risk-free. This pre-colour transition stage gives the colour a better hold on the hair and stops it changing over time.” Once this is done, your hair is ready for the colour. “It’s best to avoid extremes and try to stay close to your natural colour for a very natural result. But overall, it’s a lot easier to get warm shades, such as chestnut, than colder tones.”
If you want your colour to stay looking fabulous for as long as possible, you need to look after it. At home and in the salon. At home, you should use products designed for coloured hair, especially shampoos and masks. “As you’re going from a lighter colour, these products are essential for your colour to hold in your hair. Use them to make sure the colour doesn’t wash out after just a few weeks.”
And don’t forget about your hairdresser! Visit the salon every month to boost your colour. “To do this you don’t need to have your hair coloured again. You could go for a Gloss treatment, simply to restore your hair’s radiance.” If your new colour is quite a contrast with your natural colour, make sure you get your roots done every 4 to 6 weeks.
Our tip: The products used at Jean Louis David to pre-colour the hair are ammonia-free, which avoids damaging your hair. So whenever you can, go for ammonia-free colourants to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy!
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