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The half-ponytail, timeless and on-trend.
The half-ponytail, timeless and on-trend.
The half-ponytail, timeless and on-trend.

How to create a half-ponytail with curly hair


Partially tied-up locks...if your hair comes down to your shoulders, opt for the half-ponytail to showcase your curls. Here are the steps on how to master this look.

A successful hairstyle requires shiny locks. Curly, naturally dry hair needs targeted, hydrating and nourishing treatments. Ideally, plant oils for best penetration. Before styling, consider using express treatments such as the Urban Style nutri-serum. Applied to damp or dry hair, it gives your locks an instant shine boost.

Enhance your curls

Next, apply a small amount of a styling product to wrung out or dry hair. This is a great tip for taming frizz, creating well-defined curls and ensuring they hold well. Mousse or gel, you have carte blanche. Mousse provides a light texture and gel (such as Perfect Curls) is fresher. All you need to do is spread the product all over your hair and leave it to dry. Are you in a rush? Use a diffuser to speed up the process. Guaranteed bouncy curls await.

Bring your strands together

Separate your hair into two sections (front and back). Focus on the front section with your hair down. Mark out a middle parting, a side parting or style your hair towards the back. Tie up your locks with an elasticated hair tie (transparent or similar to your hair colour).

Note: the point at which you tie up your hair will define the style of your look. Opt for a low half-ponytail for a relaxed look. Go for the high version for a more dynamic hairstyle. The technique is the same in both cases.

Fix the half-ponytail

To tame any rebellious strands, twist and tuck them into the half-ponytail using a flat hair pin (tone on tone so it is more discreet). Finish off the look with Fix Spray (Jean Louis David's own hairspray product) applied 20cm away from your hair. This tip will allow you to use the correct amount of product more easily.

The little detail which changes everything? Combine your half-ponytail with drop earrings to emphasise the way you hold your head.

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