How can you detangle your hair without damaging it?

At first sight detangling appears simple, but in practice it is often a lot more complicated, with stubborn knots, breaking strands and your unruly mop getting tangled in the comb. This important part of your hair regime requires a certain amount of skill to avoid undue stress and damage to your locks. We take a closer look at the techniques you should use for effective detangling.

An essential step for dream locks, detangling is the number one enemy of women with long hair, especially as the wrong techniques are often employed.

Detangle your hair when dry

When your hair is wet, the hair fibres are more elasticated and thus more fragile. This is why it is recommended you detangle before washing your hair. After shampooing, your best next step is to use a conditioner to facilitate detangling.

Use a wide-tooth comb

Say goodbye to brushes; when it comes to detangling only combs are truly effective. Preferably choose a wooden one to prevent static electricity from forming. Regarding size, it all depends on the nature of your locks. If your hair is prone to knots, opt for a fine-tooth comb which is more likely to detangle successfully. Is your hair curly or frizzy? If so, a wide-tooth comb is the perfect choice.

Start at the tips

Detangling your hair effectively involves starting at the tips and working your way up to the roots. By doing this, you will get rid of the knots one by one, instead of clumping them all together at the tips.

Detangle gently

It almost goes without saying that the key to damage-free detangling lies in using a gentle approach. The best thing is to take your time and not to lose your cool when faced with stubborn knots. If you need a little more help, consider using a leave-in detangling treatment which will facilitate the task and speed up the whole process.

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