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Solutions for taming rebellious hair.
Solutions for taming rebellious hair.
Solutions for taming rebellious hair.

How can I style small pieces of regrowth?


Due to different life cycles, your hair isn't all the same length. Those hairs which annoy you the most are definitely the shortest ones as they tend to be uncontrollable! Our expert gives you their advice on how to tame them.

What can I do when styling?

"It all depends on where these small hairs are located. If they are underneath or on top of your hair, apply hairspray after styling. Smooth down your hair with your hands or using a brush. Another possibility: they are found on your hairline around your face and you find it difficult to smooth them down or to blend them into the rest of your hair. In this case, apply a bit of hairspray to a fine comb. Then work from the roots to incorporate them into the rest of your hair."

"As for hairspray, to fix your hair, preferably choose an anti-humidity product , such as Fix Spray, to guarantee maximum hold. Finally, apply it to dry hair once you have finished styling. This way, the small hairs you need to tame will be perfectly visible. If you have thick hair, you can also replace hairspray with gel. Heat up a small amount in between your hands, then carefully caress the surface of your hair so as not to flatten it down."

Which treatments can help me?

"The nutri serum from the Urban Style range is the must-have product for taming your hair whilst adding moisture and shine. In fact, this product nourishes, coats the hair fibre and tames rebellious strands. Before applying it, heat up a few drops of the product in the palm of your hands. Then spread it evenly all over your hair."

"Feel free to use nutri serum for any touch-ups at any point throughout the day."

Luis Faria

Our advice

The small pieces of regrowth can also be dry or broken. At home, consider deeply hydrating your locks . To do this, adopt the Oil Therapy range, which suits all types of hair. The products from this range are formulated using three precious oils (jojoba, argan, date palm) which have softening, nourishing and protective properties. The best way to show off hair which is full of vitality!

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