How can I straighten my hair whilst still preserving its colour?

Not using your straighteners properly can damage your hair and alter its colour. With our expert’s advice, learn how to straighten your hair whilst preserving its radiant shine.

By straightening your hair, its colour can fade. The reason is simple: heat tends to dry out the hair fibre. If it becomes too sensitized, it loses the ability to hold colour pigments. You hair risks becoming dry, dull and brittle. Find out 3 golden rules you should follow to keep your hair shining and full of health.

Rule n°1: protect your hair before straightening

“Fans of straightening take note! There is no reason why your hair’s colour should get damaged, provided that you properly protect your hair. Just before straightening your hair, systematically get into the habit of using a thermo-active treatment . This will act as a shield against high temperatures given off by your heating device. Above all, consider spreading out the product on the lengths down to the tips to protect all of your hair.”

The new Jean Louis David Color Therapy 10 in 1 treatment , is made for you! It protects your hair from heat, guaranteeing long-lasting straightening. But not only that! It makes your hair soft, boosts its shine and facilitates styling. With its UV filters, it prevents your hair’s colour from altering when exposed to the sun. If you prefer, you can also apply CC Cream , which will protect your hair against heat, whilst instantly enhancing it.”

Rule n° 2: use your straighteners properly

The way you use your straighteners is very important for preserving your hair’s beauty. If your hair is damaged by being burnt, it is bound to change colour. Above all, only go over your hair twice maximum on each strand and do not apply too much pressure. Finally, always work with dry hair so you don’t make the hair fibre weak.”

Rule n°3: pamper your coloured hair

At home, adopt the Color Therapy regime. It’s the best way to keep your hair’s beautiful colour long term. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with Intense Color shampoo. Once a week, complete your treatment by using a colour enhancer which corresponds to your hair’s colour . Finally, visit your hairdresser regularly as they are the best person to revive your hair’s colour.

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