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Techniques for making your hair darker
Techniques for making your hair darker
Techniques for making your hair darker
Hair colouring

How can I make my hair colour darker?


You've decided: you're soon going to try out a hair colour darker than your natural colour... Our expert gives you all of their advice so you can calmly take the plunge.

I have light hair, can I go for a darker colour?

"Yes you can, no matter if your hair is brown, light brown or blond. With our elaborate techniques, it is possible to make your hair a few tones darker. However, you can also opt for a radical change, such as going from blond to ebony black. This great contrast has several stages of pre-colouring which prepares your hair to take the colour."

More info: making your hair darker is less damaging than making it lighter as there is no need for bleaching. Your hairdresser will simply add pigments. This will prevent it from becoming sensitized.

Which Jean Louis David colouring techniques should I choose to make my hair darker?

"The most widespread technique and the least damaging is the Gloss treatment. It allows you to make your hair temporarily darker, as it gradually comes out when you shampoo your hair. It holds for around one month. You should therefore visit your hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks to renew the colour if you wish to keep it long term."

"A Gloss treatment gives a very natural result, by making your hair one to two tones darker."

Aurea Sanchez Coletto

"However, if 30% of your hair is grey and you wish to cover them, you should definitely go for permanent colouring. This technique is irreversible and creates a 'roots effect'. You should therefore visit your hairdresser very month to carry out any touch-ups on regrowth."

A little trick: once you have coloured your hair, wash it the next day with Intense Color shampoo. By doing this, you will fix the colour. Finally, on a daily basis, adopt the Color Therapy regime to maintain your colour for weeks.

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Aurea Sanchez-Coletto - trainer in Paris
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Aurea Sanchez-Coletto - trainer in Paris